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Get an online doctor prescription refill from our primary care physician. It will take around 15 minutes, and we accept most major insurance too.

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Our Online Prescription Refill Services

At Saad MD, we cover all our prescription refills needs online. You can ask for a new prescription from our board-certified physician for medicines, such as antibiotics, birth control pills, high-blood pressure drugs, and others. 

Along with new prescriptions, we also offer prescription refill services. You can ask for med refills by a telemedicine appointment. Our experienced medical team will take your medical history and send the prescription refill electronically to a nearby pharmacy.

Online Prescription Refill from Physicians in Michigan
Online Prescription Refill from Physicians in Michigan

The Benefits of our Online Doctor Prescription Refill

Getting a prescription refill by Saad MD is easy and trouble-free. All you have to do is to book an online appointment with our experienced medical professionals. During the telemedicine visit, the physician looks at your medical history and the current prescription medicines you are using. The medical team also decides whether you need a new prescription and sends an order to a pharmacy of your choice. At Saad MD, we simplify follow-up appointments so you can ask for a prescription refill. 

So whether you live far from your physician’s office, are at work, or do not have transportation, you don’t need to worry about a prescription. Simply book a telemedicine appointment, ask for a new prescription or an online doctor’s prescription refill, and pick it up from your nearest pharmacy.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a prescription refill by talking to a physician during an in-clinic visit or through a telemedicine appointment at Saad MD. If and when our medical team thinks you need a prescription refill, we will send an electronic request to your nearby pharmacy.

If you need a prescription refill and your pharmacy tells you that you have run out of refills, you should visit a physician. To do so, you can book an online appointment at Saad MD, and our physician will write you a new prescription if you qualify.

For regular medicines that treat long-term health conditions, physicians usually prescribe a maximum supply of ninety days or three months. After this period, you would have to see a doctor for them to decide whether you need medicines for the future or not.

Yes. You can book a telemedicine appointment to receive a new prescription and a refill.

You can get a total of five refills on your prescription.