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Anxiety Disorders

Structured cognitive, physical, and breathing therapies to counter the disorder’s various types.

Mood Disorder

Mood Disorders

Diverse treatments including psychotherapy, medication, and lifestyle modification.

Behavioral Disorders

Behavioral Disorders

Cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment (CBT) to manage the symptoms.

Depression Management

Trauma Disorders

Combination of therapies to help people heal from their trauma.

Drinks Addiction


Comprehensive therapeutic approach to treating a variety of substance addictions.

Stress Managment

Stress Management

A blend of complementary therapies to manage stress.

Services may vary based on health plan or employer. Please set up your account to see the services available to you.
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Our holistic psychiatric services are provided through in-patient clinics and telemedicine appointments.

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Our mental health clinicians work with tailored treatment methods to ensure each patient receives customized care.

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All our clinical mental health counseling solutions are easily accessible, affordable, and appropriate for all ages.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Services

Advanced Urgent Care Services in Michigan

Our psychiatric services are tailored to meet each emotional, cognitive, and psychological need. We tend to adults, infants, geriatrics, individuals, and couples, both at our in-patient facility and over video calls. At Saad, MD Medical Clinic, we aim to bring quality mental care directly to you, regardless of where you are.

Comprehensive Pyschiatric Services

Mental conditions such as mood and personality disorders require detailed treatment strategies. These include therapies, medications, and lifestyle amendments to counter the effects on mental health. Our mental health clinicians work through evidence-based therapies to ensure prime cognitive and emotional well-being.

Strategic Treatment Methods

Mental health is severely affected by the presence of anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, and mood swings. However, it influences each human being in a distinct manner. Our clinical mental health counseling integrates proven methods with our patient’s psychological needs to deliver services that are meant for them.

Virtual Care

If you’re away and need to talk to our experienced medical professionals, you can book a telemedicine appointment from wherever you are. Our virtual care is an initiative to provide a better way to think, feel, and live better. We are committed to helping our patients to return to their routine with refresh mental health and improve their quality of life. 

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Benefits Of Seeing A Mental Health Clinician

Urgent Care

Your mental health is important. It influences the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you socialize. Our psychiatry services empower our patients to live happy and fulfilling life. Whether you are in Michigan, or away from our clinics, talk to our mental health clinician over a video consultation.


Conserve Your Mental Health

Our experienced medical professionals evaluate and treat co-occurring mental health issues including depression and anxiety. Be it Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or other relevant treatment, our licensed, credentialed, and experienced mental health clinicians offer suitable intervention techniques to combat various mental disorders.


Counter and Manage Stress

Our center is accredited by Joint Commission for treatment strategies that meet international standards. The quality of care meets no compromise to help you efficiently manage stress and other mental conditions that hold you back. At Saad, MD Medical clinic, you’ll experience clinical mental health counseling that will last for a lifetime.

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You do need to suffer alone because of your mental health. Our medical professionals are looking forward to meeting you and guide you better. Whether you make an in-patient appointment and schedule a telemedicine visit, you’ll experience empathy, comfort, and privacy while you talk to your clinicians.

Hear from Our Patients

We have been fortunate to treat numerous patients, most of which we have formed close friendships with.

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Mental health refers to our emotions, psychology, and social well-being – all of which influence our day-to-day life. It is important to look after our mental health to ensure we live a happy, healthier, and interactive life. 

A mental health counselor is a licensed professional who offers clinical mental health counseling services. They look after the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional aspects of our mental health and help treat any disorders that affect it.

A mental health clinic is a facility where patients receive relevant treatments and therapies by mental health clinicians. Their psychiatric services are offered in hospital units or private in-patient clinics.

Mental illnesses refer to conditions that influence a person’s way of thinking and social behavior.

At Saad, MD Medical clinic, you’ll meet licensed, professional mental health clinicians who offer services that refresh mental health.