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Why Should You Choose Our Acute Care Hospital?

Acute care is crucial to prevent the chances of death and disability that may present after major surgery. Here, at our multi-bed acute care unit, we tend to patients who require intensive care to heal from post-surgery complications and traumatic medical conditions. The multidisciplinary team at our acute care hospital is committed to providing extensive services to help patients recover on time.

Our medical fraternity aims to provide therapy services that not only improve patient outcomes but also reduce their medical costs. Therefore, if you choose to be a part of our secondary care service, you’ll experience care that is delivered from the heart.

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What to Expect?

When you arrive at an acute care hospital, you’ll be required to be evaluated by a physician. They will run various tests like lab exams and C.T scans to monitor the overall health status. Your recovery will be assessed over a period of time to ensure you leave the facility in prime health. Our hospitalist staff is keen to make you feel at home to improve your chances of recovery.

It does not matter why you’ve arrived at our acute care unit, our team is dedicated to making you feel better by providing:

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An acute care hospital is a facility where a patient receives treatment for short-term but severe episodes of disease.

It is a serious job that requires physicians to remain calm during stressful conditions. Such professionals are required to treat injuries and illnesses that are serious in nature and demand immediate medical attention.

Post-acute care refers to the rehabilitation and palliative healthcare that a patient may receive during or after their stay in an acute care unit.

Acute care is the treatment that is offered at the time of a serious medical condition or after surgery.  However, post-acute care is referred to services offered after a patient has left the acute care hospital.