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Our team of physicians provides HSV testing facilities to patients of all ages. We are located in Dearborn, Sterling Heights, and Royal Oaks, seeing both appointments and walk-in patients.

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Why Choose Us for HSV Testing and Treatment?

You might not know if you have been invaded by the HSV virus. Its symptoms do not appear in the beginning or are very mild to be noticed. The clinical presentation appears after weeks of being exposed to the virus, after which it might be difficult to manage. If you believe you are exposed to HSV, you should immediately look up HSV testing near me.

When you make an appointment at Saad, MD medical clinic, you’ll experience a comprehensive management strategy. While the disease itself cannot be cured, our physicians diligently work to reduce the pain, healing time, and several outbreaks. They also guide nursing mothers regarding breastfeeding and other precautionary measures.

HSV Testing
HSV Testing And Treatment

What to Expect During HSV Treatment?

After arriving at the clinic, you’ll be required for HSV testing to look for active infection. In case of symptomatic infection, the physician may examine the blisters and inquire about other symptoms. However, if there are no symptoms and you believe you have been exposed to HSV, the physician will order a blood test.

Typical STD testing only detects antibodies but not their type and location which is crucial for the management. Your physician may recommend a swab or blood test if you have the following symptoms:

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The standard test for Herpes is the PCR test. It detects the infection even in the absence of any symptoms.  It looks for the virus’ DNA from the samples obtained and gives very accurate results.

Western bolt (WB) is the gold-standard test to detect antibodies of HSV. The test presents high sensitivity and is better able to distinguish between HSV-2 and HSV-1 antibodies.

HSV-1 type is transmitted through oral-to-oral contact and causes the oral herpes infection. However, HSV-2 is sexually transmitted and leads to genital herpes infection.