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Our team of experienced healthcare providers provides effective cold and flu treatment in Dearborn, Sterling Heights, and Royal Oak, offering both telemedicine and walk-in services.

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Why Should You Go for Our Cold and Flu Treatment in Dearborn?

Cold and flu might not have severe symptoms, but the two can affect your daily life. From a continuous cough to feeling tired, people suffering from cold and flu find it hard to get on with their day.

For instant relief for cold and flu symptoms, you can get cold and flu treatment in Dearborn, Royal Oak, and Sterling Heights. You can also book a telemedicine appointment for our medical team to offer a cure in less than 15 minutes.

Cold and Flu Treatment in Dearborn - Michigan
Cold and Flu Treatment in Sterling Heights - Michigan

What To Expect from our Cold and Flu Treatment in Dearborn?

Our cold and flu treatment includes standard FDA-approved antiviral drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and other home remedies. At first, our medical team prescribes over-the-counter medicine to reduce symptoms such as fever and body pains. Other chest cold treatments include adequate rest, warm liquids, salt water gargling, and saline nasal irrigation. 

After talking to the patient at an in-clinic appointment or during a telemedicine session, our physician might suggest an antiviral drug, depending on the patient’s condition. To prevent getting a cold or flu in the future, you can also get a flu shot at Saad MD primary care.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Nasopharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx and nasal cavities. Nasopharyngitis is also known as the common cold, a non-serious contagious disease that is mostly caused by a virus.

Nasopharyngitis is a viral disease caused by more than 200 viruses. Amongst them, rhinovirus is the most common cause.

While cold and flu are both contagious respiratory diseases, they have two different causative agents. The Influenza virus causes flu. On the other hand, more than 200 different viruses can cause the common cold.

You can consult an internist for chest cold treatment. However, if the condition persists, you may refer to an ENT specialist.

While flu and Covid-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, they have two different causative viruses. Flu is caused by the Influenza virus, whereas the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is the reason for Corona. The two conditions also differ in their complications, symptoms, and treatments.