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Our team of experienced healthcare providers offers judgment-free treatment for opioid addiction. Our suboxone clinic is situated in Dearborn, Sterling Heights, and Royal Oak, offering both telemedicine and walk-in services.

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Patient-targeted Suboxone therapy by an experienced medical team.

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Opioid Addiction Medication

Patient-oriented opioid addiction treatment plan.


Co-occurring Mental Health Issues

Consultation for mental health issues co-occurring with signs of opioid addiction.

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Our team of diligent healthcare professionals delivers medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction.
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Our team of certified physicians provides patient counseling through opioid treatment programs.
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Our healthcare professionals use personalized comprehensive treatments created after analyzing signs of opioid addiction.

Why Should You Choose Our Suboxone Clinic?

Opioids are highly addictive, and they can lead to several health problems, including physical illnesses, social and interpersonal issues, and legal problems.

Opioid treatment can address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, allowing individuals to improve their overall quality of life.

But, wait a minute. Getting addiction treated will require professional help because the withdrawal symptoms can be different for each individual. Our specialized team of physicians carefully records every symptom and designs opioid addiction medication regimens accordingly.

For effective opioid addiction treatment, you can reach out to our team of healthcare providers in Dearborn, Royal Oak, and Sterling Heights. Our addiction specialists assess your individual needs and counsel you regarding the treatment. 

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Primary Care Services - Primary Care Clinic in Michigan
At Saad MD, our team of certified healthcare providers proffers judgment-free opioid addiction treatment. Regimens are carefully designed after analyzing the patient’s symptoms. Our medical team also offers counseling sessions for the patients in our clinic.

Suboxone Clinic

Whether you need assistance with your chronic opioid addiction or know someone who could benefit from it, contact Saad MD. We have certified healthcare professionals who carefully identify each symptom and design personalized medication-assisted treatment accordingly.

Prescription Refills

We understand how important it is to keep on track with your meds and refills amidst your busy schedule. At Saad MD suboxone clinic, we offer prescription refills through telehealth to help you stick to your treatment.

Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction requires immediate medical intervention. But, those who struggle with it opt for getting treated privately. At our suboxone clinic, our experienced healthcare staff offers Opioid treatment programs.
Suboxone Clinic Providing Opioid Addiction Treatment

What To Expect From Our Opioid Addiction Treatment?

Opioid withdrawals can be bothersome as they cause several physical problems such as respiratory depression, constipation, and nausea. Its long-term use causes hormonal imbalance too. Opioids also cause memory loss, depression, and anxiety and can affect mood.

All of this hinders your chances at a healthy lifestyle. After ensuring the patient’s trust at the in-clinic appointment, our healthcare providers will design medication protocols according to the present symptoms of the patient, whilst keeping the treatment completely private.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Suboxone is an FDA-approved medicine used to treat opioid addiction. It is a combination of two drugs and is usually taken sublingually.
Suboxone works by blocking brain receptors that have a role in causing opioid withdrawal symptoms, it also stops them from creating “high” and opioid urges.
Suboxone has a half-life of 28-42 hours after it is taken sublingually.
Suboxone is a part of medication-assisted treatment, it may be used to manage withdrawal symptoms during therapy or as a long-term regimen while recovering from an opioid addiction disorder.
You will receive screening tests which may include, lab tests, instrument tests (COWS), and in-depth interviews to determine your eligibility for suboxone treatment.
You can locate our suboxone clinic in Dearborn, Sterling Heights, and Royal Oak.